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Bletchley Park If you haven't been; go.
Here is the link for Bletchley Park

Just a gentle reminder that Democracy means rule by the Majority, no picking just the little bits you like

If the IRA can be released from any threats of prosecution, what the hell are we doing persecuting our soldiers.
If you followed our lawyer’s behaviour in Iran then you will know why I am so upset.
The military keep such good records because they have already investigated all these charges; anyone found guilty has been dealt with already.
The lawyers are now using these records so they can make money, the same as they did for Iraq and elsewhere,
that is until they were shown to be using the same techniques as ambulance chasing colleagues in the UK and other parts of the world...

Whatever action you take I would like to thank you for reading this

Wildflowers in our Garden 2018

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And here is a link explaining what is going wrong for us.

The dog was widely used by the God NODENS as a healing animal.
If you are interested here is a wikipedia link.

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