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Bletchley Park If you haven't been; go.
Here is the link
Just a gentle reminder that Democracy means rule by the Majority, no picking just the little bits you like

Wilflowers in our garden

I see air pollution is on the rise all over the world, but what else can you expect when buses, cars, lorries & Vans are all forced to wait in artificially generated queues, all vehicles produce more pollution at low speeds than optimal.
Perhaps that is why our wildflowers are growing so well---see left

This website is dedicated to our Family and Friends.
Ann is a retired Draughtswoman.
Bob is a retired IT specialist and was previously a London Master Printer.


Ann is an artist specialising in pastel painting, ceramic sculpture and photography. Bob is a Cambridgeshire Master Composter and Waste Management consultant on a voluntary basis, he is also a Volunteer Librarian.

Here you can find items of interest
COOKERY (Ann's Corner)
COMPOSTING (Bob's Corner)
RECYCLING (Bob's Corner)
And here is a link explaining what is going wrong for us.

Family Motto

Visit the Royal British Legion Website

The dog was widely used by the God NODENS as a healing animal.
If you are interested here is a wikipedia link.

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Please sign this petiton to stop the sale of Acid.

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